Midwest Conventions

This is a listing of all the conventions in the Midwest region, as Midfan defines it. This definition can be found on the About Midfan page.

An * denotes a traveling con.  A + is a convention outside the Midfan region, many of these are convention that are immediately outside of the region, and thus of interest to Midwestern congoers. Others include the Worldcons and other major traveling conventions that occasionally visit the region. Worldcon bids are only listed if the occur in the region or immediately outside. All sitting Worldcons are listed, regardless of location. Finally, a name in bold face is a convention being run by Midfan, and we'd like you to join us.

Anyone wanting to add their convention to the list can mail conlist@midfan.org, with the name, city, location, and a URL for more information. We need at least an email address to post so that interested people can find out more about your convention. In general, we will only post convention in the region, however, traveling conventions that visit the area, and Worldcons, are also welcome.



Midwest Construction 2 September 19-21, Ann Arbor, MI
Arcana September 26-28, Minneapolis, MN
CloverCon September 26-28, St. Louis, MO
Cog Con September 26-28, Rolla, MO
To Be CONtinued September 26-28, Merriville, IN


Archon October 02-05, St. Louis, MO
Context October 03-05, Columbus, OH
Icon October 10-12, Iowa City, IA
ConClave October 17-19, Lansing, MI
OVFF October 24-26, Dublin, OH


Contraception November 07-09, Lee's Summit, MO
Pentacon November 07-09, Fort Wayne, IN
Windycon November 07-09, Palatine, IL
Midwest Furfest November 21-23, Glen Ellyn, IL
Chambanacon November 28-30, Springfield, IL


SMOFcon 21 December 6-8, 2003, Rosemont, IL



Confusion January 23-25, Ann Arbor, MI
Supercon January 23-2, Minneapolis, MN
Capricon January 29-February 01, Chicago, IL


Pandemonium February 20-22, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Visioncon February 20-22, Springfield, MO


Marscon March 05-07, St. Paul, MN
Chambanacon March 19-21, Indianapolis, IN
Millennicon March 19-21, Dayton, OH
FilkOntario March 26-28, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Ad Astra April 02-04, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Odyssey Con April 02-04, Madison, WI
Minicon April 9-11, Minneapolis, MN
Penguincon April 16-18, Warren, MI
Demicon April 30-May 02, Des Moines, IA


ConQuest May 28-30, Kansas City, MO
Kublacon May 28-31, Beloit, WI
Marcon May 28-30, Columbus, OH
Wiscon May 28-31, Madison, WI


Duckon June 04-06, Wheaton, IL
Midwestcon June 25-26, Cincinnati OH


Convergence July 02-04, St. Paul, MN
InConJunction July 02-04, Indianapolis, IN
ShowmeCon July 16-18, Creve Coeur, MO


Worldcon: Noreascon 4+* September 2-6, 2004, Boston, MA



Worldcon: Interaction +* August 4-8, 2005, Glasgow, UK



Worldcon Bid: Kansas City in 2006+* August 31-September 4, 2006, Overland Park, KS



Worldcon Bid: Columbus in 2007 2007, Columbus, OH

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