About Us

What's this all about, then?

Midfan, in long form, Midwest Fannish Convention, Inc., was formed originally as a mere legal artifact in order to provide corporate cover for Midwest Construction. Once we'd done all the paperwork, we realized that we could do more with the organization than act as a lawyer-baffle and checkbook for a single convention.

In this, we were directly inspired by two other fannish organizations, MCFI and SCIFI, respectively, Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc. and the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests. Of course, one of those august organizations is bidding for a Worldcon, and the other is currently running one. Our sights, currently, are set a bit lower.

Why Midfan?

Trying to avoid namespace confusion. Plus, it's shorter to say and easier to remember. Honest.

What's the Midwest, anyway?

Harder question that you might think. The term was originally applied to Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, which were only middling west, while Indiana, Illinois and parts further were just west. As the country moved west, the area covered by the term moved as well.

So, without a canonical definition, we made one up. We define the Midwest as the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and any state touching them. Furthermore, we're not strict about it (for example, our definition includes Kentucky, a borderline choice) and if bordering areas consider themselves Midwest, we're willing to go along.

What are you doing?

Well, obviously enough, Midwest Construction jumps to mind. It's a convention dedicated to con running, focused on the midwest. Yes, for those out there familiar with it, we are riffing off SMOFcon. But the drive is shorter, if you live in the Midwest.

Our next project, now heading for the second issue, is a fanzine dedicated to con running. You can find more information on that over here.

And, since we liked running a SMOFcon like convention so much, we decided to run an actual SMOFcon. SMOFcon 21 will be held December 6-8, 2003, in Rosemont, IL.

We've also got other things cooking. We can't tell you about them yet, because we're nowhere near certain that they'll fly at this point. As soon as we are certain, you can be certain we'll tell you. Yes, one of them was the SMOFcon bid, and it's now flying.

So, when are you running a Worldcon?

We have no idea. Honest. If we were bidding one, we'd be certain to say something, since secret bids generally have trouble getting votes.

Active Members

Margene Bahm, Kansas City, MO
Tammy Coxen, Ann Arbor, MI
Marnie Gucciard, Chicago, IL
Mark Herrup, Chicago, IL
Patricia Sayre McCoy, Chicago, IL
Jim Mann, Pittsburgh, PA
Anne K. G. Murphy, Ann Arbor, MI, Midfanzine Editor
Jim Murray, Kansas City, MO
Erik V. Olson, St. Louis, MO, Secretary
Steven H Silver, Deerfield, IL, Treasurer
Joseph "Uncle Vlad" Stockman, Chicago, IL, President

Subscribing Members

Any person may become a subscribing member of Midfan. Subscribing members receive all club publications, and can suggest business to the meeting. To become a member, contact the secretary, who'll tell you what you need to do. Dues are currently $25 per year.

Current Subscribing Members

Mike Bakula, Urbana, IL
Jeff Beeler, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Helen Gbala, Itasca, IL
Christy Johnson, Cincinnati, OH
Doug Johnson, Cincinnati, OH
Tracy Lunquist, Urbana, IL
Helen Montgomery, Chicago, IL
Ron Oakes, Wheaton, IL
Bob Palmer, Elmwood Park, IL
Lisa Ragsdale, Columbus, OH
Matthew Ragsdale, Columbus, OH
Marah Searle, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Barb van Tilburg, Bolingbrook, IL
Tom Veal, Chicago, IL
Alex von Thorn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rick Waterson, Crystal Lake, IL

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