SMOFcon 21

SMOFcon comes to the heart of the Midwest.
Rosemont, IL December 5-7 2003.

Yep, it's true. Midfan is pleased to bring SMOFcon, the traveling convention dedicated to the fine (err) art (ahem) of running conventions, to the heart of the Midwest. Well, to a suburb very close to the heart of the Midwest. Hey, it's close to the highway and the airport. We'll cope.

Membership Rates

Attending: $60
Supporting: $25
Rates good until 30-Nov-2003
At-Door: More.
Send memberships to
SMOFcon 21
707 Sapling Lane
Deerfield, IL 60015-3969


Our hope for a downtown hotel faltered in the face of a large convention, but we may be the first SMOFcon in a beta-tested hotel. We're using the Embassy Suites O'Hare, in Rosemont, IL, a hotel very close to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the intersection of interstate I-90 (The Kennedy Expressway/Northwest Tollway) and I-294 (The Tri-State Tollway) and the Rosemont stop on the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue Line. Getting there, or getting away from there, couldn't be easier.


Embassy Suites Hotel O'Hare-Rosemont
5500 North River Road
Rosemont, IL 60018

The room block closed on 07-Nov-2003. However, we've tucked away a few rooms, so drop us a line if you need a room

Phone: 1-888-476-7366, Mention Smofcon
Online: Embassy Suites Hotel O'Hare-Rosemont

Be sure to use Group/Convention code "SMO". Note that putting this into the Promotion Code field, helpfully placed right after the dates, does not work, and will tell you that the hotel is sold out. It isn't, it is just sold out of the SMO promotion rooms. There are, however, still SMO group rooms. Aren't computers grand?


Single: $105 Double: $115
Triple: $125 Quad: $135
All rooms include complimentary hot breakfast.


There will be one. What exactly we are doing will is firming up now. More details soonest.

What I can tell you now. The reception/opening will be at Friday at 2030. Program is currently slated to start at 1500 Friday, 1000 Saturday and Sunday. The inquistion will follow San Diego's lead, and be held at 1400 Saturday, without counterprogramming. These may change. There will be a couple of slots for "bring your own" items.

We are also offering a few slots for "rants" -- a time where you, and you alone, can command the floor against all comers in support of your position. So far, we have one ranter, who will use the time to discuss convention badges. If you'd like a slot on the soapbox, drop us a line.


There isn't one.

However, that doesn't mean there is no food. At the reception, there will be dessert like items aplenty, so don't order dessert at dinner. Lunch will be provided both Saturday and Sunday, with the Chicago in 2008 bid providing lunch on Saturday, following the grand tradition of the Australia in 2010 bid at San Diego last year -- except we seriously doubt we'll be standing around outside in shorts. And, of course, if you stay in the hotel, the hotel gives you breakfast.


In memoriam: K.I.M. Campbell, York, UK

Adina Adler, Cambridge, MA
Margaret Austin, Snowden, UK
Bobbi Armbruster, Venice , CA
Margene Bahm, Kansas City, MO
Judy Bemis, Wake Forest, NC
Kent Bloom, Colorado Springs, CO
Chaz Boston Baden, Anaheim, CA
Stephen Boucher, South Yarra, Australia
Elaine Brennan, Arlington, VA
Seth Breidbart, Minneapolis, MN
James M. Briggs, San Diego, CA
M. David Brim, Springfield, IL
Tracey Callison, Chicago, IL
Sandra Childress, San Diego, CA
Nancy Cobb, Schenectady, NY
Tammy Coxen, Ann Arbor, MI
Joni Brill Dashoff, Philadelphia, PA
Todd Dashoff, Philadelphia, PA
James Stanley Daugherty, Henderson, NV
Kathryn Daugherty, Henderson, NV
Gay Ellen Dennett, Natick, MA
Jane Dennis, Lexington, KY
Scott Dennis, Lexington, KY
Vincent Docherty, Den Hagg, Netherlands
Bobbie DuFault, Gold Bar, WA
Martin Easterbrook, Snowden, UK
Adrienne Foster, San Jose, CA
Richard France, Hoffman Estates, IL
Susie France, Hoffman Estates, IL
Pam Fremon, Waltham, MA
Helen Gbala, Itasca, IL
Deb Geisler, Middleton, MA
Janice Gelb, Los Altos, CA
Jerry Gieseke, Gold Bar, WA
Glenn Glazer, Long Beach, CA
Marc Gordon, Washington, DC
Shouichi Hachiya, Tokyo, Japan
Mark Herrup, Chicago, IL
Bill Higgins, Batavia, IL
Craige Howlett, Santa Clara, CA
Jim Hudson, Madison, WI
Hiroaki Inoue, Tokyo, Japan
Tamie Inoue, Tokyo, Japan
Athena Jarvis Tornoto, ON, Canada
Peter Jarvis, Toronto, ON, Canada
Deb Kosiba, Chicago, IL
Elspeth Kovar, Laurel, MD
Rick Kovalcik, Newton Center, MA
Dina Krause, Skokie, IL
Grant Perry Kruger, Brandon, MS
Kerry Kuhn, Schaumburg, IL
Ruth Leibig, Palo Alto, CA
John Lorentz, Portland, OR
Robert MacIntosh, Annandale, VA
Christian B. McGuire, North Hollywood, CA

Jim Mann, Pittsburgh, PA
Laurie Mann, Pittsburgh, PA
Diane Martin, Madison, WI
Michael Mason, North Hollywood, CA
Dale Mazzola, Columbus, OH
Pat McMurray, Bromley, Kent, UK
Inger Myers, Prairie Village, KS
Patrick Molloy, Huntsville, AL
MEM Morman, Colorado Springs, CO
Anne KG Murphy, Ann Arbor, MI
Jim Murray, Kansas City, MO
Paula Murray, Kansas City, MO
Michael Nelson, Oakton, VA
Ronald Oakes, Bartlett, IL
Tara Oakes, Bartlett, IL
Paul Oldroyd, Atownin, UK
Erik V. Olson, St. Louis, MO
Mark L. Olson, Framingham, MA
Priscilla Olson, Framingham, MA
Bob Palmer, Chicago, IL
Tony Parker, Wake Forest, NC
Bill Parker, Houston, TX
Phœnix, Chicago, IL
Michael Pins, Boulder, CO
Phread, Indianapolis, IN
Gary Plumlee, Indianapolis, IN
Lisa Ragsdale, Columbus, OH
Matthew Ragsdale, Columbus, OH
Neil Rest, Chicago, IL
Ruth Sachter, Portland, OR
Larry Sanderson, Minneapolis, MN
John Sapienza, Silver Spring, MD
Peggy Rae Sapienza, Silver Spring, MD
Pat Sayre McCoy, Chicago, IL
Sharon Sbarsky, Needham, MA
Marah Searle-Kovacevic, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Kurt Siegel, Schenectady, NY
Michael Siladi, Mountain View, CA
Steven Silver, Deerfield, IL
Theresa A. Renner Smith, College Park, MD
Kevin Standlee, Sunnyvale, CA
Ian Stockdale, Palo Alto, CA
Gundrun Stockman, Chicago, IL
Joseph "Uncle Vlad" Stockman, Chicago, IL
Geri Sullivan, Minneapolis, MN
Bjorn Tore Sund, Eidsvagnest, Norway
Alex von Thorn, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Tom Veal, Chicago, IL
Rick Waterson, Crystal Lake, IL
Greg Williams, Lombard, IL
Kim Williams, Columbus, OH
Frank Wu, Sunnyvale, CA
Sally Woehrle, Federal Way, WA
Ben Yalow, Bronx, NY
Yukie Yasui, Yokohama, Japan

Updated 24-Nov-2003: