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Royal Flusher



1. The amazing hydric litter beads shed liquids, block and absorb odors.

2. Liquids pass through the litter beads and the openings in the upper tray.

3. Liquids are trapped in the sealed lower tray. Set the fully assembled system on the toilet, push the button , and flush the liquids away.

Royal Flusher is the patented system that combines ease of use with superior control of odors. Because Royal Flusher also uses less litter, it saves you $$$$$. and is better for the environment. Order Royal Flusher today!

HISTORY: Inspired by a Public TV show about a family that brought orphaned cats into their home, the inventors tried to figure out how to solve the litter problem the rescuers must have. Bob is an engineer, Stacey is an artist. The result of their work, which began in 1991, is Royal Flusher. Whether you have one cat, or hundreds, Royal Flusher is the best litter system for you.

Royal Flusher*

Rated #1 in odor control.

Easy to use.

Dust and allergen free.

Saves money.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The system practically cleans itself:

Large (15" X 21") and good looking.

Perfect for families with more than one cat.

Check the history of kitty litter page. This page describes the strengths and weaknesses of other litter systems. It lets you know why Royal Flusher is the logical conclusion. Please let us know which ones you have tried and what you thought of them.

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