The Odor Test

We created this test to demonstrate the miraculous way in which hydric litter beads control odors. If you would like to try the test for yourself, please click here to request a sample of hydric litter beads.

This sieve acts like the upper tray of Royal Flusher. It retains litter but liquids can pass right through.

I made this sieve from a plastic pipe coupling you can find at Lowes or Home Depot, a piece of screening, and some masking tape.



To begin the test, fill the sieve with hydric beads to the same depth as the litter in Royal Flusher. Find a drinking glass that the sieve fits snugly inside.


Pour a little household ammonia into the glass and take a careful sniff. The vapors from pure household ammonia are more powerful than the ammonia odor from cat waste.

Next, put the sieve into the glass until it makes a tight fit. This shows how Royal Flusher works when the system is fully assembled. The upper tray and the litter seal the reservoir in the lower tray, and the hydric beads absorb any vapors that try to escape.

Now put your nose into the sieve and take another sniff. Even though you know the glass is filled with powerful odors, the litter blocks and absorbs the odors and prevents them from reaching your nose.


Remove the sieve and pour out the ammonia. Next, place the sieve back inside the glass. Pour water into the sieve. You will see that it passes through the hydric beads and the sieve and collects in the glass.

The glass acts like the lower tray of Royal Flusher. It retains the litter and collects liquids that pass through the litter and the openings in the upper tray.

Touch the litter. Even though they've now been flooded with water, the hydric beads remain hard and firm. They never swell, soften or break down. They look the same even after months of use.

This demonstration shows that Royal Flusher controls odors unbelivably well. It is easy to get rid of liquid waste and hydric litter never needs to be thrown away.

Try Royal Flusher!!

If you would like to try this test for yourself before you buy Royal Flusher, please click here.