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Update Log: 1997

Rev. 22-Dec-1997
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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

Top - deleted JavaScript bit, it wasn't working under Netscape 2.0.
Stand-Alone Demo added for internal concom use.
Related Links - added links to conventions with a Chicon 2000 Sales Table including Boskone [www] (Framingham MA) Capricon [www] (Rosemont IL) Disclave [www] (College Park MD) DucKon [www] (Rosemont IL) InConJunction [www] (Indianapolis IN) Lunacon [www] (Rye Brook NY) Marcon [www] (Columbus OH) Minicon [www] (Bloomington MN) Norwescon [www] (Seattle WA) RiverCon [www] (Louisville KY) Westercon [www] (San Diego CA) WisCon [www] (Madison WI)
Sales Tables - a bunch of conventions that we'll be selling memberships at.
Ross Pavlac 1951-1997 - added Becky Thomson's remembrance.
Almost all pages: added graphic link to Table of Contents on the same line as "Next" and "Previous."
Membership List and Missing Members - new lists.
Staff and Committee - fixed punctuation typo.
Chicago in 2000 - David Brin card - fixed a minor typo.

Members Home Pages - added Lynn V. Boston [www], Michael A. Burstein [www], Dana Carson [www], Jack L. Chalker [www], C.J. Cherryh [www], Ctein [www], Janice Gelb [www], Lynn Gold [www], Joe Haldeman [www], Larry Hancock [www], Michael Horgan [www], Charles Jarvis [www], Evelyn C. Leeper [www], Jacqueline Lichtenberg [www], Jean Lorrah [www], Keith F. Lynch [www], Chris Mak [www], Laurie Mann [www], Leon Marr [www], NESFA [www], Christina (Hill) O'Halloran [www], John F. (Snyder) O'Halloran [www], Kathi Overton [www], Ross Pavlac [www], John Pomeranz [www], Maria E. Rodriguez [www], Arwen Rosenbaum [www], Peter Rubinstein [www], Robert J. Sawyer [www], Joe Smith [www], Sally Smith [www], Kimiye Tipton [www], Mike Weasner [www], Julie Zetterberg [www].
Members Home Pages added. Includes links to Chaz Boston Baden [www], Jim Rittenhouse [www], George "Dupa T. Parrot" Brickner [www], Steven H Silver [www].
Ross Pavlac 1951-1997 - added Diane Miller's notes on Ross's last days.
Membership List query function ready to use.
Ross Pavlac 1951-1997 updated, with note from George Alec Effinger.
Infobot News Mailing List updated behind the scenes - the "confirm" mailbot is finally up and running, processing "OK" messages. I've got a lot of clean-up work to do, as far as taking care of people who started the sign-up process a month or two earlier, but it looks like future CHICON-NEWS sign-ups will go smoothly now. I think.
Ross Pavlac 1951-1997 updated - added Jerry kaufman's comments
Chairman's Message - fixed a typo.
Staff and Committee Roster updated.
Ross Pavlac 1951-1997 memorial page added.

Infobot News Mailing List updated behind the scenes - the confirmation messages are now e-mailed out automatically. If you already signed up before this date using our fill-in form on the web page, you don't need to resubscribe; you'll be receiving your confirmation message real soon now, as I work through the backlog.
Editor Guest of Honor: Jim Baen updated - added link to Baen Books [www].
Staff and Committee Roster updated.

Progress Reports updated.
Missing Members list updated and reformatted slightly.
Deadlines updated.
Progress Reports updated.
Missing Members added.
Staff and Committee Roster added.
Addresses - updated entry for webmaster.
Chicago in 2000 Bid Committee: reformatted for two columns.
Membership Conversion Rates updated.
Deadlines: typo corrected.
Chairman's Message: restored "unabridged" version.
Registration, Membership Conversion Rates, Registration Form updated.
Harry Turtledove: updated with links to Turtledovian pages
Addresses updated, added webmaster addresses (for sending hardcopy material and pictures to be included)
Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Harry Turtledove: write-ups added.
Registration, Membership Conversion rates updated.
Advertising, Addresses updated.
Fairmont Hotel added.
Registration: added rates for children.
Registration Form added.
Deadlines added.
Progress Report 0, Progress Reports, Chairman's Messages, Advertising Rates added.
Top: Added daily hits counter, showing number of hits on main page in previous calendar day. Cumulative log file added to record them.

Guests of Honor, Author Guest of Honor: Ben Bova added.
Launch. We are officially open for business.
Entry page at old bid page URL [www] redirects to, in anticipation of the switch-over tonight.
Transport by Air moved to the end of the Visitor Information series.
Addresses: added fax number.
Registration, Membership Conversion Rates: added mailing address.
One last pass made through all the pages for content and appearance. Ready for launch.
Bid pages copied to this server. Entry page here now redirects to our copy of the bid pages.
28-Aug-1997 moved to our new server. Entry page redirects browsers to Bid Page.
Chicago in 2000 Bid Committee updated - added link to Jim Rittenhouse [www].
Basic Information extended - added When and Where.
Want Ads added.
Basic Information extended.
Transport by Air added.
Help! extended.
Hotels added.
Related Links: ISFIC - Illinois Science Fiction in Chicago [www]
All About Chicago added, with links to Yahoo Chicago, Virtual El - Grand: Howard/Dan Ryan Line [www] (at
Hyatt Regency Chicago started, with links to Hyatt Regency Chicago [www] home page at, Hyatt Regency Chicago [www], Hyatt Regency Chicago [www], Photo Hut #47 [www]
E-mail Directory is now tied into the system aliases files (currently via procmail) and is reflected in the plain text E-mail Directory.
Addresses added.
Chicago in 2000 Bid Committee: added links to Gregory Bennett [www], George "Dupa T. Parrot" Brickner [www], Rick Waterson [www]
Membership Conversion Rates added.
Infobot News Mailing List added.
Added Suggestion Box form in Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Added Volunteer Form and Dealers Request for Information in Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
E-mail Directory added.
Added Volunteer Form, Suggestion Box, Dealers Request for Information.
Chicago in 2000 Bid Committee updated -- added link to Steven H Silver [www].
Chicago in 2000 Bid Committee added.
Keyword Search added.
Design of this Web Site added.
Added Chicago Science Fiction [www] -- bibliography of science fiction set in Chicago -- to Related Links.
Created a new Countdown Icon in the 88x31 size.
Mailto Form is installed on web site's server.
Preliminary site installed on our server. Installed the countdown timer and graphic. Graphic is generated daily. Worked on Basic Information and Design of this Web Site. Mailto Form is working on a different server (but still considered to be part of the web site). First preview demonstration, to selected individuals.

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