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Update Log: July 2000

Rev. 08-Aug-2000
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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

Staff and Committee List - updated Daily Newsletter.
Art Show - latest news from the Art Show added, deadline for entries now 28-Aug-2000, some walk-up space may be available.
Deadlines - added new Art Show deadline, 28-Aug-2000.
Parties - added link to the I5 in '05 [www] party.
Childcare - added information on limited hourly childcare.
Want Ads- added want ads for video producers, Hugo ceremony.
Members Home Pages - added Brand, Antje. [www]; Kliman, Lincoln. [www] - Video Producer needed.
Hugos - fixed mindo.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 26-Jul-2000. The Fairmont is now 70% sold.
Volunteers - added new write-up.
Filk Music - updated hours of concerts, corrected typos.
Meet the Pros - new page.
Program Participant Index - new page, listing program participants for Chicon 2000. Bios and program details coming soon.
Trivia Contest - added blurb on contest.
Frequently Asked Questions - added info about videotapes of panels, and updated answers dealing with the list of program participants.
Gaming, Want Ads - Gaming needs GM's and other helpers.
Prometheus Awards - will be presented Friday at 4:00 pm.
Other Events - added Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Travel by Air - added "Tour Packages" section.
Members Home Pages - added Daugherty, James Stanley. [www]; Savitzky, Colleen. [www]; Savitzky, Emerald. [www]; Savitzky, Kathryn. [www]; Savitzky, Steve [www]; Shoji, Joey. [www]; Smith, Tom. [www]; Sutton, Brenda. and Bill [www]
Filk Music - added a few more web links.
Program Notes - added overall outline of program schedule.
Ceremonies - added Closing Ceremony.
Members Home Pages - added Cakan, Myra. [www]; Hayman, Judith. and David [www]; Mar, Kathy. [www]; McGath, Gary. [www]
Filk Music - Added another participant; the Filk Suite is the same as the Filk Lounge; added Songbook contents; added a few more web links.
Forms and PDF Files - added new index page. Site Selection Ballot - renamed filename for PDF file.
Mailto interface should now be fixed. If you got a "Something may have gone awry" message recently, you can now re-try the e-mail system.
Guests of Honor - added note about Guests of Honor speeches.
Hugo Awards - added voting update.
Members Home Pages - added Perkins, L.W.. [www]
Filk Music - identified Lady Colleen.
Table of Contents - eliminated several obsolete fill-in forms.
Regency Dance - separated info to its own page.
Dealers Room - page with room hours, eventually will have Dealers List.
Tours and Trips - more info on the Fermilab trip.
Infobot News - added more bouncing e-mail userids.
Infobot News - added more bouncing e-mail userids.
Fan Tables - corrected preferred URL for Boston in 2004 [www]; added link to National Space Society [www].
Filk Music, Dramatic and Musical Productions - rearranged a few sections.
Frequently Asked Questions - added info on suites.
Deadlines - added Site Selection and Art Show deadline.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 19-Jul-2000. The Hyatt and Swiss are full, the Fairmont is over 60% sold.
Infobot News - added more bouncing e-mail userids.
Events in Chicago - added information link to Jazzfest, added prices to the museums exhibits.
Frames Version is now the default. You can get from the Frames to the No-Frames version just as easily, but I thought it might be interesting to get some feedback. What do you think?
Dances - added time and location information for the dances at Chicon 2000.
Ceremonies - new page, with information on Opening Ceremonies, Meet-The-Pros party, and the Guest of Honor Speeches.
Registration - Mail and fax registration ended 15-Jul-2000. Online registration continues until 15-Aug-2000, and will save you $45 from the at the door rate. At-Con registration hours for Saturday and Sunday extended until 9PM.
Dealers Info - posted Dealer's Room hours. List of Dealers coming soon.
Tours and Trips - confirmed Fermilab trip on 01-Sep-2000.
Dances - corrected day for Regency Dance.
Tours and Trips - added page with info on Cubs Game trip, possible White Sox Game trip, and space for tour announcements.
Masters of Space and Time: Classics of Science Fiction Art - now shows tentative list of art.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 13-July-2000.
Filk Music - added another confirmation.
Transport By Air - directions to the hotel from the transit systems updated.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Convention Services, Exhibits, FIAWOL, Program, and Publications Divisions.
Parties - added another night for one party, and couple more parties.
Frequently Asked Questions - added "Which hotel has rooms available?"; added to Top and moved to a more prominent position in Table of Contents.
Dramatic Presentations, Staff and Committee List - "Dramatic Presentations" are now listed as "Dramatic and Musical Presentations."
Missing Members - updated.
Post Office - The U.S. Postal Service [www] will unveil a new commemorative issue stamp at our Opening Ceremonies... The Hyatt Business Center will provide onsite postal services during the convention, and will be open every day of the convention.
Want Ads - help needed with decorating Friday Night Fever Disco Dance.
Members Home Pages - added Cooper, Brenda Jean. [www]; Dashow, Michael. [www]; Higgins, Susan R.. [www]; Horton, Rich. [www]; Levinson, Paul. [www]; Macdonald, Steve. [www]; Purcell, Karen. [www]
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Program, Publications, Exhibits Divisions.
Basic Infobot Message updated so that e-mail to will be more likely to answer some of the common questions. (I've incorporated the latest version of the FAQ into it.)
Frequently Asked Questions - added questions/answers about program and authors.
Members Home Pages - added Beltz-Decker, Eloise. [www]; DuMond, Lisa. [www]; Keesan, Morris. [www] ; Smith, Christy Hardin. [www]; What, Leslie. [www]
Daily Newsletter - updated for News Desk location.
Members Home Pages - added Flewelling, Lynn [www]
Parties - added Sime~Gen party.
Want Ads - added note for Concourse volunteers needed immediately.
Filk Music - added more information on the different tpes of filk programming.
Dramatic Presentations - added writeups of three presentations happening at Chicon 2000, "Faith," "The WorldCon is Not Enough, " and "Nothing But Garbage."
Hugo Nominees - more information on the electronic Hugo Anthology offered by Alexandria Digital Literature [www].
Want Ads, Awards - Chicon 2000 is looking for information on Other Award Ceremonies, esp. the Prometheus and Seiun Awards.
Deadlines - updated list of deadlines to include pre-reg, Hugos, hotel info, etc.
Addresses - added Union Labor Liaison.
Frequently Asked Questions - added entries for Are Dealers' Tables Available?; I'm a Dealer. Will I Have to Charge Sales Tax?; Is There Space In the Art Show?; Can I Buy Half a Table In the Art Show?; Should I Send Letters to Chicon Via Certified or Registered Mail?; When can I register or pick up my badge?; Where do I pick up my badge?; What do I need to pick up my memberships?; What if I am getting a membership transferred?
Online Hugo and Campbell Award Ballot - you can now make your Hugo and Campbell Award vote online.
Registration - as announced, registration by mail and fax ends on 15-Jul-2000. However, Chicon 2000 will continue to accept Online Registration [www] until 15-Aug-2000.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Facilities Division.
Members List, Missing Members - updated to 10-Jul-2000.
Want Ads - Chicon is looking for photographs from our bid.
Filk Music - added tentative overall schedule, concert notes.
Members Home Pages - added Ehrlich, Gary J.. [www]; Gifford, James. [www]; Hartley, James A. [www]; Miller, Sasha. [www]
Museums and Attractions - added note about Hancock Observatory discount coupon.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Office of the Chairman, Events, Finance, Member Services, Program, and Publications Divisions.
"Hello, Concom Member" - added "HQ/OPS" section.
Handicapped Services - added page detailing services and contacts.
Hotels, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Swissôtel, Hotel Vacancy Charts - The Hyatt and the Swissôtel are sold out. There are rooms left at the Fairmont, but they are moving quickly. Book now.
Program Notes - The Chicon 2000 Program, which will include schedules, items, and participants, will be published in the second week of August, 2000.
Staff and Committee List, Daily Newszine - Updated Publications Division.
Members Home Pages - added Daniels, Karen.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Publications division.
Members List, Missing Members - updated to 05-Jul-2000.
Program Notes - removed links to the Program Participant forms, since we are well past the deadline.
Hugo Awards - posted in big, bold letters -- the deadline is 31-July-2000.
Hugo Award Nominees - added link to fan artist nominee Joe Mayhew.
Dances - updated with info from PR6.
Staff and Committee List - updated Events, Exhibits and Member Services Divisions.
Members Home Pages - added Hills, Greg [www]; Klasky, Mindy L.. [www]; Komins, Arin. [www]; Orr, Dick [www]; Nazarian, Vera [www]; Willett, Edward [www].
Hugo Awards, Hugo Award Nominees - updated PDF and text ballots posted.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 30-Jun-2000

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