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Update Log: Mar-Apr 2000

Rev. 25-Jul-2000
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Chaz Boston Baden and Erik V. Olson,
Hugo Awards - updated info on Hugo Voter Ribbons and our first ballot.
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton - Bob's website [www] is now online.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 26-Apr-2000.
Toronto Tour [www] - added information about a Toronto tour.
Members Home Pages - added Navarro, Yvonne. [www]
Staff and Committee List - updated Condiments Division.
Hugo Award Nominees - updated links.
Writers Workshop - eliminated duplicate names.
Parties - added Babylon 5 in 2258: InterWorldcon [www] "The Grey Council is happy to announce that we will be hosting a bid party at Chicon 2000. With the help of our friends, the Centauri, we hope to provide fun, food, drink and information to all of you, our pre-supporters and pre-opposers. This is going to be even bigger than our party at LACon III!"
Hugo Nominees on website, along with PDF ballots.
Chesley Awards will be held at Chicon 2000.
Membership List and Missing Members List as of 30-Mar-2000 online.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 19-Apr-2000.
Staff and Committee Roster - minor trade of departments. Sponsorships goes to Exhibits, Autographs to Programming, and Administration gets a department to be named later.
The Ideal Art Auction - added article from FGOH Bob Passovoy.
Members Home Pages - added Docherty, Vincent [www]
Filk Music - started a list of Online Filk Resources, beginning with XenoFilkia [www]; added links to some of the participants' home pages, starting with Lee Gold [www], Lynn Gold [www].
Members Home Pages - added Gold, Lee. [www]
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Exhibits Division.
Members Home Pages - added Blackwood, Bob and Diane [www]; Goldin, Stephen. [www]; Harrison, Harry. [www]; Sanders, William. [www]
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Program Division.
Art Show - added auction schedule.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Member Services division.
Writers Workshop - Pro list updated.
Want Ads, Events in Chicago - fixed a minor typo or three. Gremlins.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to 6-Apr-2000.
Top- rotated headlines.
Membership Conversion Rates - cleaned up dates.
Program Book Ad Rates - inside cover rates are $750, not $700. Chicon 2000 regrets the error.
Want Ads - pubs is looking for Videotapes of previous Worldcon Events.
Events in Chicago - updated with the Tall Ships event.
Daily Newsletter, Staff and Committee List - updated staff.
Parties - added link to Xerps in 2010 (Worldcon Bid) [www]
Hotels, Hyatt, Parties - added link to Suites at the Hyatt Regency Chicago
Infobot News - added a couple more bouncing e-mail userids.
Top - added "Search" button. See also Keyword Search.
Want Ads - Chicon 2000 is looking for some locals for flyer distribution.
Program Book Ad Rates - new page listing advertising rates for the Chicon Souvenier Program Book and Restaurant Guide.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - charts updates to 30-Mar-2000.

Hugo Awards - clarified nomination closing date. Nominations postmarked 31-Mar-2000, and electronic ballots submitted before Midnight PST, 31-Mar-2000, are valid.
Hugo Nomination Form - CGI was accidentally broken for about half a day. It looks like it's working now.
Members Home Pages - added Crosby, Colleen. [www]; Crosby, Shawn. [www]
Infobot News - updated list of bouncing e-mail userids.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - Updated to 03-27-2000. Percentage sold added to the text tables.
Infobot News - updated list of bouncing e-mail userids.
Weather - fiddled with the formatting.
Masquerade Forms added.
Writers Workshop - added list of participating pros.
Events in Chicago - added the STAR WARS: The Magic of Myth exhibit.
Masquerade - "Call to Compete #2" from PR 6.
Deadlines updated.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - Updated to 23-Mar-2000. The hotels are filling....
Registration Form - tinkered with HTML.
Members Home Pages - added Kufner, Petra [www]
Staff and Committee List - updated Member Services Division.
Weather - added content, links to local forecasts.
Museums and Attractions - added Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Events Division.
Hugo Awards - Added address to request full list of nominees, reminder that nominations close on 31-Mar-2000. Minor HTML tweaks.
Non-Fiction Program - new section.
Transport by Car - added "Seasons in Chicago."
Want Ads, Exhibits - added "Fandom in Chicago" notice.
Staff and Committee Roster - updated Events Division, Program Division.
Members Home Pages - new URL for Cadigan, Pat. [www]
Membership List, Missing Members - new lists online.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - Updated to 17-Mar-2000.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - added text data for users who can't see the graphs.
Hugo Awards - added another link.
Members Home Pages - added McHugh, Maureen F.. [www]; McNary, Lucinda. [www]
Museums and Attractions - Fixed almost a double dozen typos. Note to aspiring webmasters -- Never Post Tired. Thanks to Randy Kaempen for the corrections.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - charts updated to 13-Mar-2000. The Hyatt is now 3/4 sold.
Museums and Attractions - added a partial list of places to go in Chicago.
Hugo Awards - Added nomination progress report, links to NESFA and BASFA recommendation lists.
Online Hugo Nomination Form - Hugo nominations can now be made online. Deadline is 31-Mar-2000.
Registration - membership rates will remain at $150 until the end of pre-registration on 15-Jul-2000. At door membership rates set. Information about badge name requests added.
Staff and Committee List - updated Publications Division (Daily Newsletter)
Online Registration [www] - now available.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated to show bookings as of 09-Mar-2000.
Members Home Pages - added Cadigan, Pat. [www]; Green, Kelly. [www]
Circus, Want Ads, Dramatic Presentations - Split off "Cooger & Dark's Traveling Circus and Shadow Show" into its own page. New article.
Staff and Committee List - updated Publications Division (Daily Newsletter)
Tips for the Newcomer - On our All-Purpose Message Board, someone asked: "Hello, my sister and I are new to Worldcon, and we were wondering if anyone had tips on enjoying the festivities... any information would be welcome."
Dealers Info, Art Show - added article from PR6, "The Deathly Silence from the Dealers' Room and Art Show."
Site Selection - The filing deadline for bidders for the 61st Worldcon was Saturday, March 4th. As of the end of that day, two bidders had submitted complete paperwork to qualify to appear on the Site Selection Ballot to be voted at Chicon 2000...
Ben Bova, Author Guest of Honor; Related Links - Ben Bova is publisher of a new webzine, GalaxyOnline [www].
Members Home Pages- added Stokes, Keith. [www]
Staff and Committee List, Daily Newszine - updated Publications Division (Daily Newsletter)
Members Home Pages - updated URL for Bouchard, Al and Megan [www]
Hyatt Suites - correction, the Regency West suites do not have Murphy beds in the parlor.
Hotel Vacancy Charts - updated, now showing details as of 02-Mar-2000.
Staff and Committee List - updated Publications Division.
Infobot News - updated bouncing email userids list.

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