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Rev. 19-Jul-2000
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Chaz Boston Baden/Erik V. Olson,

Membership List, Missing Members - new list uploaded.
Hello, Concom Member - fixed a typo in a URL.
Members Home Pages - added Smith, Rodford [www]

Staff and Committee Roster - various new appointments and updates.
Members Home Pages - added Powell, David [www]; Ritter, Bruce [www]; Sneddon-Powell, Cheryl [www]
Registration, Membership Conversion Rates, Childcare, Registration Form, Sales Tables - brought up-to-date.
Members Home Pages - added Tompson, Sara [www]

Members Home Pages - added Briggs, James [www]
Registration Form - fixed a typo in a URL.
Members Home Pages - added Douglass, John [www]

All text files - changed the HTML-to-text converter to show web addresses for off-site pages. Technical note: inserts URL where "[www]" appears on HTML versions.
Related Links - changed "Upcoming Worldcons and NASFiCs" to "Other ..."; added link to Millennium Philcon [www] - 2001 Worldcon in Philadelphia
Staff and Committee Roster - updated FIAWOL Division, Publications Division, Exhibits Division.
"Hello, Concom Member" - added a form letter for everyone on the committee and staff of the convention.
Ross Pavlac Memorial Page - removed "will be held" wake and memorial paragraphs from 1997.
ChildCare (Babysitting) - added "born 01-Sep-1987 or later" wording
Top - added a line at the top with both the graphic and the text for "Table of Contents" to give the user a chance to connect the fingers-in-the-book icon with the Table of Contents page. Thanks to Elspeth and various WSFAns for the suggestions.
Program Notes - added "Will the program include..." question/answer from PR1 and Frequently Asked Questions.
Missing Members and Membership List - updated versions.
Table of Contents, How to Use this Web Site - changed name of "Design of this Web Site" to "How to Use this Web Site."

Table of Contents - changed Frames link to present the Table of Contents again.
Main entry page - added some current topics at the top, including an invitation for comments on discarding the "Next/Previous" linkage system.
Hotels, Frequently Asked Questions - updated because we've signed all three contracts.
Souvenirs - Offworld Designs [www] is producing the official Chicon 2000 merchandise.
Sales Tables - added info on Chicon 2000 t-shirts.
Dealers Information, Dealers Request Form, Addresses - fixed a typo in Larry Smith's address.
Conversion Rates - fixed a HTML error.
Sales Tables - updated to show plans for Bucconeer [www].
Help Desk - fleshed it out a bit for some common potential problem areas.
Hotel Information, Hyatt Regency, Airlines - added information from PR 2.
Text files updated, to make sure that all web pages with convention information have a corresponding plain text file.
Dealers Info - fiddled with typography.
Staff and Committee List - fixed a typo in the Organization section.
Staff and Committee List - updated "Next Meeting" info to give more detail.
Membership Lookup - now lists "First name" before "Last name" to make it easier for new users to use.
Table of Contents - added dates of convention, for those who didn't notice it on the main entry page.

Change of Address Form - shortened fields to make it fit better on smaller browser windows.
Godzilla - The Review; SF - Proudly Pop Culture - minor change (added icon to upper left corner)
The Ideal Art Auction - "a meditation by E. Michael Blake" from Progress Report 2.
SF - Proudly Pop Culture - added article from Progress Report 2.
Godzilla - The Review added from Progress Report 2.
Progress Reports - added Terry Patch's notes from the contents pages.
Related Links - fine-tuned the sample HTML
Dealers Info - added "We Will Have a Dealers' Room!" article from Progress Report 2.
"Too much fiber in your mailbox's diet?" - updated e-mail contact for this article.
Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove - added interview from Progress report 1.
Hotels - added paragraph from "Notes from da Chairman" (Progress Report 2)
Finances - added paragraph about Budgeting from PR1.
Staff and Committee List - added section explaining the various Divisions, taken from PR 1.
Chairman's Messages - added material from Progress Report 2.
Progress Reports - added paragraph entitled "Too much fiber in your mailbox's diet?" for those multiple-member households.
Change of Address Form - you can file your change of address online now.
Frequently Asked Questions - added Your Test for Today ("Do volunteers or program participants have to buy memberships?") from Progress Report 1.
Souvenirs - "Requests for Proposals: Sales to Members" from PR1.
Hotels - added write-ups from PR1.
Staff and Committee List, Dealers Room Registration Form- added new address for Dealers Room Manager.
Want Ads - added "Lost and Found" entry.
ChildCare - added children's registration info.
Related Links - added links to advertisers from Progress Report 1 and 2: animecentral 98 [www] (Rosemont IL); Aussiecon 3 [www]; Boston for Orlando in 2001: Magicon 2 [www]; Bucconeer [www]; Locus [www]; Philadelphia in 2001 [www]; San Francisco in 2002 [www]; Seattle in 2002 [www]; Toronto in 2003 [www]; Windycon [www].
Site Selection - added results from 1997 vote at LoneStarCon 2.
Membership Conversion Rates - added article on Chicago in 2000 Trading Cards from Progress Report 1.
Progress Report 2 (ascii text) - minor typographical changes, such as using _underscores_ to indicate italics and *asterisks* to indicate bold.
PR 2 Ads (ascii text - incomplete transcription online.
Progress Reports - Progress Report 2 in ASCII text form now online.
Progress Reports - Progress Report 2 available online in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), 1.9 MB, also available as and Zipped PDF. (Plain ASCII text coming soon.)
Membership List - added wording explaining the tie-in to Members Home Pages.
Design of this web site - added link to Infobot News.
Dealers Request for Information - now works as a fill-in form page.
Staff and Committee list - Divisions reorganized slightly, and placed in alphabetical order. No new staff assignments in this update.
Ross Pavlac Memorial Page - minor typographical changes. (Okay, I italicized File 770.) Incidentally if you have a Ross Pavlac story, it's not too late to send it to me at for inclusion.
Volunteers Form - you can now fill out a volunteers form online, from the web page. Thanks to Alex Von Thorn for some of the HTML.
Sales Tables - updated for Loscon 25 and Chambanacon, added link to Loscon 25 [www]
Ross Pavlac Memorial Page - added link to Avenging Aardvark's Aerie [www] (Ross Pavlac's old home page, new server)
Site Credits - new URL for Chaz Boston Baden [www] home page.
Request for Dealers' Room Information - wording changed slightly to match PR1.
Volunteer Form - simplified to match PR1's version.
Registration - added more information on ChildCare membership options.
Infobot News Mailing List - updated to show last message posted, and also (behind the scenes) the mailed response includes an easy-to-use URL to confirm your subscription.
Staff and Committee Roster, E-Mail Directory - added "See Also" links between them.
Frames Version - off-site links now spawn a separate window from the main screen. In technical terms, we're not using "target=_top" for them anymore. (If none of this means anything to you, just ignore it and go to the next item.) Thanks to Greg Bennett for the suggestion.
All About Chicago - added link to Letters from Chicago [www] by Steven H Silver. Things to do in Chicago outside Chicon 2000. (These will also appear in the Progress Reports.) Added links to WGN-TV's "Other Chicago Views" [www] Includes a live camera shot ("View of Michigan Ave. from the Tribune Building") of the intersection in front of the Chicon 2000 hotel; Chicago's Very Own WGN-TV [www]
Members Home Pages rearranged to last-name-first-name format, for eventual automatic match-up to the membership query function. Updated URL for Lichtenberg, Jacqueline [www]
Membership List - automatically cross-references to Members Home Pages. Is your home page listed? If not, write to
Ross Pavlac Memorial Page - added Mike Glyer's article.
Chairman's Messages - added Reflections on the Passing of a Fan.
Staff and Committee Roster - more minor rearrangements and title changes.
Progress Reports - working on transcribing PR1 Advertisements.
Guests of Honor - belatedly added links to sub-pages for Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Harry Turtledove.
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton - added Interview with Jeremy Bloom.
Chairman's Messages - added links to material from Progress Report 1.
Design of This Web Site - added link to E-mail Directory, cleaned up some of the older remarks about e-mail addresses.
Chicago in 2000 (Bid Page) - added width/height tags to the last four images.
Sales Tables - added Windycon 26 [www] (Schaumburg IL)
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton - updated from interview published in PR1.
Staff and Committee Roster - incorporated new organizational structure, added date of next concom meeting.
Registration - Membership rates are going up!
Geographic Breakdown - automatically generated whenever the membership list is updated.
Progress Reports - full text of PR1 is finally online.
Missing Members (Lost Souls) - tweaked HTML coding.
Advertising - minor updating to reflect PR2 deadline.
Swissôtel - new page. (I've got this lovely brochure.. perhaps I'll type some of it in...)
Frequently Asked Questions - adjusted the typography. (That is, I put the questions in quoted italics.)
Staff and Committee List - finetuned some department names.

Membership List, Missing Members - new lists.

Progress Report 1 text file updated to show outline of contents. Still incomplete, stay tuned.
Missing Members updated - new list.
Frequently Asked Questions installed. If you have suggestions for additional topics, write to
Progress Reports updated - PR1 mailed.
Staff and Committee Roster - added Condiments Division, updated Exhibits Division and Next Meeting.
Staff and Committee Roster - changed entry for Dina Krause, who's filling one of Ross Pavlac's shoes.
Ross Pavlac Memorial Page - added remembrance piece by Bill Higgins.
Staff and Committee List - started listing meeting announcements.
Want Ads - added Jeff Bantly's notice.
Staff and Committee Roster - new appointment in Finance Division; added Events Division
Staff and Committee List - added Steve Metzger.
Ross Pavlac page revised, at the family's request.

Staff and Committee Roster - moved one person and deleted duplicate listing of another.
Sales Tables slightly revised.
Staff and Committee - added Gopher Chiefs.
Related Links - updated the wording for Related Conventions list.
Sales Tables - added The Road Behind Us, WindyCon 25 [www], Loscon 24 [www] New URL for Rivercon [www] - their home page disappeared.
Registration, Membership Conversion Rates, Registration Form, Deadlines - deadline for rate increase extended.

Staff and Committee Roster - added Finance Division.
Members Home Pages - added Sharon Sbarsky [www]
Registration Form - removed credit-card-by-mail option (per our bank's instructions).
Missing Members - new list of lost souls.
Sales Tables - minor HTML formatting change, also put in JavaScript bit for off-line demo.
Members Home Pages - new URL for Lynn V. Boston [www], Ross Pavlac
Members Home Pages - added Brian Dana Akers [www],Al and Megan Bouchard [www],new URL for Jack L. Chalker [www]
Missing Members - moved the boilerplate text to the top.
Infobot News - added pointer to directory of messages sent to date.

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