The staff of onsite.chicon.org

    Publisher          Diane Miller Blackwood
    Webmaster          Erik V. Olson
    Web Operators      Kerri-Ellen Kelly
		       Alex Love
                       Virginia Milewski
                       Angela Reese
	               Zev Sero
    Newsletter HTML    Mel. White
    Online Chats       Janice Murphy
    Toolsmith	       Chaz Boston Baden 
    Network Manager    Ben Liberman
    Testing            Gary Agin
                       Sharon Sbarsky
    Photographers      Erik V. Olson
                       Richard Gilliam
    PDA help           David D. Levine
		       Peter Sills
    Program Grids      David D. Levine

Onsite.chicon.org is a production of Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention. All material not otherwise marked is Copyright © 2000, Chicon 2000. All photographs are used by permission of the photographer, and may not be used elsewhere without the permission of the photographer.


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