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Trading Card Rules and Information

The Chicago in 2000 Worldcon Bid is issuing a series of trading cards featuring professionals in the science fiction and fantasy fields. Our objectives are to promote our bid (naturally) and to honor some of the outstanding contributors to the genre. Folks who appear on cards do not necessarily endorse Chicago in 2000 or any other Worldcon bid.

The full series will include approximately 40 cards, plus a special "Card #0" (see below), which will be available only to Chicago in 2000 presupporters who vote on Worldcon site selection. The election will be held at LoneStarCon II, the 1997 World Science Fiction Convention.

New presupporters receive the most recent card when they join up. Those who have already joined may pick up the most recent card, free of charge, at any Chicago in 2000 bid party or table. Presupporters may also buy any past card for one dollar - but only one card per convention (except for bonafide residents of continents other than North America, who may purchase up to five past cards per convention).

Any presupporter who collects 20 different cards and votes on site selection for the year 2000 will receive a free conversion to attending membership in the 2000 Worldcon (but only if Chicago wins, of course). The mechanics of conversion will be explained in Progress Report Zero, which will be mailed to all presupporters after the voting. There will be a limited time period for free conversions.

Card #0 is special. It will be given to all presupporters who vote on site selection. Extras will then be destroyed, and the card will not be reprinted. The print runs of ordinary cards will be based on anticipated demand, and the leftover stock will be offered for sale after the free conversion period ends.

Cards Released to date:

Gordon R. Dickson Barry B. Longyear
Connie Willis Frederik Pohl
George Alec Effinger Barbara Hambly
Lois McMaster Bujold Mercedes Lackey/Larry Dixon
Jerry Pournelle Ben Bova
David Gerrold Poul Anderson
Jack Williamson Mike Resnick
L. Sprague de Camp Anne McCaffrey
Joe Haldeman Phyllis Eisenstein
Gene Wolfe Robert Silverberg
Roland J. Green Larry Niven
James White Frank Kelly Freas
David Brin Vernor Vinge
Hal Clement Amy Thomson
Jody Lynn Nye Toni Weisskopf
Mark Rogers Stanley Schmidt
Todd Cameron Hamilton Terry Pratchett
Ginjer Buchanan David Mark Weber
Julius Schwartz

Questions, comments and suggestions for professionals whom you would like to see on future cards should be sent to -
Chicago Worldcon Bid Committee
P.O. Box 642057
Chicago, Illinois 60664

Compuserve: Bill.Roper">; GEnie: Bill.Roper">; Internet: Bill.Roper">

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