The Deathly Predictions

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Responding to the call for predictions, Howard Shubs suggests a new interpretation of the prophecy:

"The prophesy said nothing about killing. It spoke of destruction. It seems to me that the best curse we've seen to that effect was Obliviate, the memory eraser, used by Professor ... not remembering his name, in Harry's second year. I think Harry will play with the spell, trying it out on his House Elf to get him to forget all the stuff about the Blacks and the Malfoys, then he'll use the spell on Voldemort. What I don't know is what Voldemort has up his sleeve for use on Harry, to prevent sequels..."

But Dan Dyckman suggests:

"Neville turns out to be the true subject of the prophesy, and although Harry risks life and limb, it's Neville who ultimately kills Voldemort-- therefore Harry is rejected by the wizard community as being a fake and a sham. But, he's (obviously) hired as Hogwart's Defense of Dark Arts teacher. So he's happy enough. The end."

Over on, nystulc has these bold predictions:

"McGonagall is Evil; is Nagini, is Voldemort's Eagle Owl, and is a Horcrux. She will be the final Horcrux destroyed in Book 7." And there is tons of explanation why, but since this is the Zine of Little Capacity...

Meanwhile, Dragon Rider has a suggestion on the seemingly impossible task of finding and destroying the Horcruxes:

"So, what if the connection between Voldemort and Harry means that the Horcruxes protect both of them, not just Voldemort? Voldemort, realising this, would be forced to destroy the Horcruxes himself to be able to kill Harry. He knows where they are and what protects them, he could disable them or reclaim the soul bits, planning to kill Harry and recreate them afterwards."

I, of course, do not necessarily endorse or support any of these fevered imaginings. My well-researched and sound theory is that Snape will turn out to be Neville's real father. I mean, when you think about it, really, it explains everything. Doesn't it?

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