Days of Yore

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10 Years Ago

I attended the convention with the best name ever, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 ConventioCon Expo Fest-A-Rama 2: Electric Bugaloo. And I still haven't finished my con report.

100 Years Ago

On November 3, 1906, the signing of the International Wireless Telegraphy Convention in Berlin established 500 kHz as a distress frequency and SOS as a standard signal. Adoption of this convention was a bit slow in some quarters, as demonstrated in the confusion surrounding a major sinking some five and a half years later.

1000 Years Ago

The following is recorded in the Annals of Ulster, as translated by William M. Hennessy, between the kalends of January, 1006 and 1007. (Well, 1005 and 1006 to the scribe, because local custom put the actual start of the year at the Feast of the Annunciation.)

"Airmedach son of Coscrach, bishop and scribe of Ard-Macha [Armagh], rested in Christ; and Finghuine, abbot of Ros-cre, died. Maelruanaidh Ua Dubhtai, and his son Maelsechlainn, and his brother Geibhennach, died. Echmilidh Ua Aitidh, King of Ui-Echach, by the Ulidians; Maelruanaidh son of Flannacan, by the Conailli; Cathalan, King of Gailenga, were slain. A hosting round Ireland by Brian [Boru],-- to Connaught, over Es-Ruaidh into Tir-Conaill, through Cinel-Eoghain, over Fertas-Camsa into Ulidia [Ulster], to Oenach-Connaille; and they arrived about Lammas at Belach-duin, when he granted the full demand of Patrick's congregation, and of his successor, i.e. Maelmuire son of Eochaidh. A battle between the men of Alba [Scotland] and the Saxons, when the men of Alba were defeated, and left a slaughter of their good men. Mael-na-mbo (i.e. King of Ui-Ceinnselaigh), was slain by his own people. Gilla-Comghaill, son of Ardghar, son of Madadhan, King of Ulidia, was killed by his brother, i.e. by Maelruanaidh son of Ardghar."

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