Picofarad #6

August 2006

I'm developing a pre-Worldcon routine. It runs a little something like this:

  1. Think of lots of stuff I want to get done before Worldcon. At minimum, this should include one horrendously complicated costume and an issue of Picofarad.
  2. Procrastinate.
  3. Around a month before the con, get serious and devote most of spare time to getting con-related stuff done.
  4. Intersperse with enough procrastination to take things right down to the wire.
  5. Miraculously arrive at con with only a finishing touch to add here and there, and no one but me the wiser.

There must be a better way, but it probably involves willpower or something.

But I can relax without guilt now for another year. It's a good time to be a fan. Worldcon is nigh, Disneyland is just down the street, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 is on its way back (see Scintillations).

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