Days of Yore

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10 Years Ago

John Brunner finished off with one more unmatched achievement as he became the first major sf figure to die at a convention (Intersection, the previous Glasgow Worldcon).

100 Years Ago

1905 was the year of the "October Manifesto", Russia's first constitution. It guaranteed freedom of speech and movement as well as setting up the first Duma, though it had only an advisory role. It was not enough to appease the hardline revolutionaries, and when the Duma finally met it spent its session in deadlock.

1000 Years Ago

Death of Abe no Seimei, a Japanese astronomer and mystic who in the intervening millennium has evolved into something of a Merlin figure. There are two shrines to him, one located on Horikawa Avenue in Kyoto, and the other in the Abeno ward of Osaka.

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