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Lloyd Penney
1706-24 Eva Rd.
Etobicoke, ON

August 29, 2011

Dear Petréa:

Yvonne and I had a great time in Reno for the Worldcon, and I wasn't sure if you were there, but in searching the fanzine tables, I found issues 24 and 25 of Picofarad, and I thought that these were issues I hadn't responded to yet. Yup, I was right, and this should catch me right up.

24...Some kittens are complete love addicts, and others are little hunters. I know some of both. The little hunters always seem to have the needle-sharp claws, and love to grab at your pant legs. I don't know how to keep his skills up, seeing we've never had a cat, but it looks like he's found his own ways. As long as you keep up what you're doing with Phosphor, he's hunting, and he's getting his exercise, too. I know a lot of chubby kitties, too.

I would like to read the books by Cherie Priest and Gail usual, the costs are prohibitive. So, I will pick up what I can about the plots, and carry on from there. I did get some free books at Worldcon, and I plan to start reading Mechanique: Tales from the Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentyne soon.

If you can, read The Magicians and The Magician King by Lev Grossman. Grossman won the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Once you have, you can then write up a similar chart to the one on page 6. Brakebills Academy isn't the best magic school... at least, it doesn't get the funding Hogwarts does...

I admit to liking TRON: Legacy, and it was nice to return to this scene, but one could tell it was a little forced. I think Disney wanted to see if the franchise could expand a little, but even with this valiant attempt, I think we should keep to the original, and think of it fondly, less so with Legacy.

My loc...Girl Genius won its third Hugo for Best Graphic Novel, and Phil Foglio accepted, and took it out of contention for future years. Classy move, but also an acknowledgement that it is indeed the best of the bunch, and others should enjoy the Hugo, too. I had hoped to do a little better with the Hugo tally, but 19 nominations is pretty good, and I hope for better in Chicago next year. Given that being on the Ad Astra committee was not the best this year, we have now officially retired from con-running, after 30 years. And, that's enough.

25...The only movie I saw out of the bunch here was the Harry Potter movie. The book itself was so big that even with some trimming, there was enough for two movies, but just barely. Part 1 was HP and the Never-Ending Camping Trip, which was dull enough to make Part 2, HP and His Ass-Kicking of Voldemort, much more satisfying. Yes, a lot had been trimmed, but still the story was told, and the 8-movie series is done. So many are asking what's next, is there another series of books that could be as translatable into hit movies as the HP series. I'd say the answer is, no.

So many conventions in the list, a few I could certainly go to if only I had the cash. As it is, we will definitely be at SFContario 2/Canvention 31 in Toronto November 18-20. Soon, I will be able to announce a convention Yvonne and I will be at next year. Don't want to do it just now...

And I'm done! See you with the next issue.

Yours, Lloyd Penney.

Yes, I was at Worldcon-- details to follow in the next issue.

I'll put those books on my reading list, although since Endeavour Award reading season is here again, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to them.

I have to admit that I stopped reading Girl Genius a few months ago, after realizing the title character has been stuck in that castle for over three years now. I think it's still a good overall story, but it seems to be getting slower and slower, and it's hard to explain to people why an individual volume which largely consists of running up and down corridors is winning the big award over books that tell a complete story.

Enjoy your retirement from SMOFdom-- assuming you can manage to stay retired...

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