Picofarad #21

Summer 2010

Announcing a Project

Every so often in these pages, I feel compelled to mention my impossible fannish dream of trying to go to a convention every weekend for a year. This time is different, though: I'm actually going to start looking for a sponsor.

Specifically, the proposal takes the form of a video blog covering not only convention highlights, but also interviews with pros and BNFs, dispatches on the life of a fan between cons, and, in the extended higher-budget version, visits to local sites of fannish interest. The tentative itinerary takes in all sorts of fan-type gatherings in all sorts of places, worldwide, and 2011 is shaping up as a particularly good year for hitting as much of the wish list as possible.

I plan to do test runs at Westercon and NASFiC, with the results posted at conproj.livejournal.com. If you see me coming at you with a camera, don't worry, I'm not going to upload you onto the intertubes without a signed release form.

And if you know of some company with an interest in making itself known to the geek demographic, no preexisting negative reputation in fandom, and a couple hundred thousand dollars to blow on a very odd marketing project, drop me a line...

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