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I spent Thanksgiving assembling badges, and then most of the weekend sitting at a fan table in the quietest corner of Orycon's new home, the Lloyd Center Doubletree. I was therefore about the last person to hear that with Orycon being unable to get its usual days this year, being forced onto a holiday weekend, going up against Loscon, the projected drop in attendance to 800 people hadn't quite happened.

Well, actually, it didn't happen at all. 1400 warm bodies was the total announced afterward.

In retrospect, one could have been suspicious when the staff were commenting at Thanksgiving dinner that this was their best volunteer turnout for setup ever. But that could just have been that they promised to feed everyone who volunteered on Thanksgiving, and more than one person admitted that having some work to do for a local charity made a terrific excuse for not spending more time with their relatives.

Then there was the fact of the 4-digit numbers on some of the badges I saw... but many conventions practice non-contiguous numbering, so that was easy to explain away.

As I've said, I hardly saw the crowds thanks to the Seattle in 2012 Westercon bid table being tucked away in the corner by the filkrooms where no one went unless they were filkers or very determined explorers. But here are the bits I did see:

From what I saw, it was a good convention at a lovely hotel that was happy to see us. (Also the first hotel I've ever stayed at where the wastebaskets in the rooms are subdivided into bins for the actual waste and for recyclables.) And in a terrific location-- in addition to being right next to a light-rail line, the massive number of restaurants was a welcome change from the food desert around the Marriott. Myself, I went to the food court at Lloyd Center both nights of the con, and can report that the fish-and-chips place is mediocre, but the pad Thai and coconut bao at the Asian stand were excellent.

So, for the next couple of years, Orycon's back at the same digs and back on Veterans' Day weekend, and those few of you regulars who missed it need to come check it out.

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