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Brad W Foster

Greetings Petréa--

Was scanning over new listings on eFanzines and saw the listing for Picofarad #17, and how could I resist a title as intriguing as that? Some fun reading in here, and two things jumped out at me:

First, I've read a lot of different reports now, long and short, about the Seattle Corflu. But you're the first person to mention that Cinematic Titanic was in town. I can't believe there wasn't a huge group organized at the convention to go see that! What's wrong with these people? I like fanzines as much as the next person, but, I mean... a chance to see the MST3K folks in their new gig? Too cool!

Second, in your comments on the convention, you wrote at one point: "The panel on illustrations was very useful to me as a faned, or will be if I ever persuade anyone to contribute some to Picofarad." I couldn't help but notice the complete lack of any artwork or cartoons in this issue. Have you had a hard time getting any artists to send you anything? Or have you just not asked anyone yet? I'd be happy to send a cartoon now and then if you like. And since you are doing all this online, would you be interested in color stuff? I've been having fun doing color work for Ansible for the past year and a half. If you'd be interested in getting something, just drop me a line and let me know. All I ask is that you let me know when you put a new issue up with the art in it.

By the way, I also clicked through to your "Pravn's homepage" (or, as it is called in the browser tab, "You are not reading this"), and found that your link at the bottom of the page for Web Site Number Nine is no longer working. I did, however, find this page: Is that the one you meant?

Back to the drawing board!


No, that's not the Web Site Number Nine we're looking for... sadly, it appears that the once-mighty archive of MST3K fan fiction is no more, though many of the works can still be extracted from Google Groups by looking for "MSTed", "MiSTed", or "MST3Ked" in the subject.

My cunning plan to get fan art contributed to Picofarad has mainly consisted of trying to get it in front of people and waiting for the letters saying "Your art sucks! Here's something better!" to flood in. Like all brilliant plans, this has turned out to have one fatal flaw: the unexpected politeness of the fanzine community.

Anyway, certainly, I would welcome art from you or anyone else reading this. I can handle any major image format (yes, including paper), but ask that it be black-and-white only, since that's how the physical version of Picofarad is printed, and I still feel like that's the "real" one. Though if you send in something for the cover, which goes on colored paper, I'll take suggestions for which color to use for the background (keeping in mind that I'm working with the fairly limited selection of colored papers at the local Kinko's).

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