Picofarad #18

Fall 2009

Five Years On

It was five years ago next month that Picofarad #1 almost wasn't published. I remember clearly struggling to finish it before Noreascon 4, and not actually finishing it until I was at the con. I especially remember finally saving it to the thumb drive, starting to head out the door to the business center where I could print out the pages to take to the copy place, stopping, and thinking, "Hang on, I think I forgot to put page numbers in."

It took most of the next year to wrench Picofarad #2 into the indeterminate quantum state where it is still stuck today. But #3 came together all right somehow in time for Interaction, and after that it was more about remembering to add the page numbers and the colophon than it was about whether or not I really wanted to do this. Along the way, here are a few things I've learned:

And: I actually like doing this. Many things sound great in the abstract but not so much in the reality. This has turned out to not be one of them. So the next issue will see you at Orycon!

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