Picofarad #16

Spring 2009


As most of you have no doubt heard by now, another Seattle bid has had to fold due to uncooperative facilities-- specifically, the convention center which decided to go with other groups for all the possible dates. Condolences have been passed around on the SMOFs list. Several people have pointed out that this is not actually all that uncommon. It's been noted that the Seattle in 2002 bid which ended due to a bigoted manager at Starwood was originally up against a San Francisco bid, which wound up as ConJosé instead because it couldn't get a commitment from its first choice of facilities.

All the same, it's the first unsuccessful Worldcon bid I've ever worked on. Losing to Reno would have been disappointing, but this is depressing.

It was fun while it lasted. Sigh. I wonder if any of the other bids might have a use for an infogeek with difficulty saying "no"...

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